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Rick Danenberg

Teacher, Handwork
BFA, Painting, Syracuse University
MFA, Film Production, USC

Rick Danenberg is the Handwork teacher at ECMS-Inglewood. He has been teaching art for 12+ years. Working with elementary and middle school grade levels, Rick has experience teaching in charter, public and independent school programs; most recently as a visual teaching artist at La Ballona, a K-5 public school in Culver City, and at Camino Nuevo, a K-8 charter academy in MacArthur Park.

With a BFA in Painting from Syracuse University and an MFA in Film Production from USC, Rick has a deep commitment to developing student creativity, making art history come alive, and creating “green” art — projects that utilize re-purposed materials. As a practitioner of Arts Integration, Rick sees the value of incorporating lessons from science, math, history etc. into imaginative, engaging art experiences.

From Salvador Dali’s vivid anti-war painting, “Soft Construction with Boiled Beans,” to the environmental impact of mass consumerism revealed by photographer Chris Jordan, Rick teaches students that artists can be activists, and can use their creativity to both challenge and change the world. When not collecting plastic lids, bottle tops, wood scraps and discarded cardboard packaging, Rick is an avid hiker, gardener, science fiction enthusiast, and student of eastern philosophy.