Nature Bridge – 6th Grade Trip

At Environmental Charter Schools, our best practices include environmental and experiential learning. Recently, our 6th grade students at ECMS-Inglewood spent two nights at Camp Shalom in the Santa Monica Mountains National Park. For many, it was the first time they were away from home. A special thank you to our outdoor education partner, NatureBridge! Through their Green Ambassadors class, our students learn about many aspects of the outdoors. This knowledge was enhanced with hands-on experiences like hiking up sandstone peak, seeing waterfalls, and wading in ponds. They even took a night hike and saw stars! According to the students, some of the most memorable experiences were… “catching frogs!” “sleeping in the cabin without my parents there.” “Sleeping in a cabin with all my friends and having fun.” “Going night hiking was the most memorable thing because I saw the constellations!”