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Clare Kim

Teacher, English/History

BA, Psychology and Educational Studies, Brown University
MA, Teaching, Brown University

Clare Kim joined the Inglewood team as a Math and Science teacher in the fall of 2016. She attended Brown University and graduated with bachelor degrees in Psychology and Education Studies as well as a Master’s of Arts in Teaching. In addition to engaging students as lifelong learners, Clare’s passion is to foster an inclusive classroom community where each child is acknowledged, loved, and inspired.

In her search for a dynamic school, Clare was drawn to ECS’s commitment to the whole child and to authentic learning through an environmental framework. She hopes to deepen her understanding of environmental issues and the creative solutions that exist (or do not yet exist) to defy them.

Clare loves working with her hands. Outside of school, she enjoys creative writing, watching cartoons, and riding her longboard. If you see her without coffee in her hand, she is suffering (only slightly). She is also a contributing artist for Free Radicals, a collective of citizen-scientists who are dedicated to applying a critical social justice lens into science.

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