[PAST EVENT] 4th Annual Career Day

On April 28, amidst the construction of new classroom buildings on site, over a dozen caring folks from the Los Angeles area shared their professional experiences at the ECMS Inglewood campus under the theme of “Uniting and Uplifting Our Community: One Career at a Time.” Students built their own cache of future possibilities as they listened to presenters’ stories and asked engaging questions. The careers represented that day ranged from police officers and lifeguards to product managers and programmers.

Presenters shared helpful messages of unity, community and inspiration. Officer Karen Wright of the Los Angeles Police Department emphasized, “You have to have passion for everything that you do,” and Keschia Potter, a professional musician informed her group, “Whatever you do, you have to strive to be excellent.” Presenters spoke passionately about being the best you can be in a field that interests and speaks to you.

While presenters shared their accomplishments and positive experiences in their given fields, they also emphasized the value of hard work and that failure is a possibility. Anto Boghokian of the Los Angeles County Lifeguards in Venice Beach offered some wise advice, “No matter what you do there’s always going to be difficulties, but focus on the process of becoming great instead of focusing on just the results.”

This event is just one of the College and Career Initiatives set forth by Environmental Charter Schools to encourage student success through Leadership Development, College Readiness and Career Exploration. Thank you to our fantastic presenters and community members who made this day possible. You are a beautiful example of Uniting and Uplifting our Community.


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